Original Works of Fiction

Here we have various fictional works of varying character. I believe mostly these will be works including the genres of fantasy, horror, history, action/adventure, drama/suspense, with historical inclinations. Most stories will be rated M for mature, or E for explicit. Some will include homoerotic content or subtext. Those of which that include this will come with warning in the beginning of the story or chapter. This brings me to my next few points. I am not above writing in the raunchy details of a sexual encounter so you will be forewarned of these moments. My other point was that some of these will be short stories, without chapter, some of them will be chapter stories. You will be notified at the end of a post whether or not the story is complete or not. Please also feel free to visit my fanfiction blog!

Dark Wood: Prologue

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Okay. I already had a couple chapters posted on fictionpress. But then I stopped. And then I came back to it and went, this sucks. So I made a new prologue. And then I went back and looked at the chapters I had and was like… Wow. This is kind of okay. This is decent. Why did I almost get rid of this? I can work with this.

But anyway. This is a new prologue. Actually I made like 3, and decided this was the best and it was true to the vision that I have for this story.

So guys. This is a vampire story. Yes, I realize vampires are a tired subject, but they weren’t when I got the idea and that was when  I was in like 6th grade okay but the idea has evolved over time, and Twilight was still a mostly unknown entity. I have a special affinity for vampires, and I hope that my Dracula/Anne Rice perspective on this will keep things interesting. Besides, it’s not just going to be all about those blood suckers. Gotta keep it somewhat out of the ordinary, right? I’m trying to go for something not so mainstream here so that it will garner a bit more attention and not be like, ‘Oh, it’s just another vampire story.’


Summary: He’s built a life for himself in this little village of his. They lost the battle against the English, but he sees another looming just beyond the horizen. The year is 1330, and he is fortunate and unfortunate enough to be a poor Scottish farmer with a pregnant wife in the Lowlands. However, a rash decision leads to a tragedy that will forever alter his fate. Now as an “accidental” fledgling vampire without a master, his life is spiraling out of control as the next War of Scottish Independence begins. As if the loss of his village and family isn’t enough, after they lose the war he goes on his way to England, towards everything he hates, in search of his master. However he is kidnapped by a capricious and sadistic countess. Will he ever be taught the proper ways of the vampire? This man now lives in a world different from that of Man, and there are laws as well as enforcers of the law here as well. Will he ever learn to live as he is now, or will he forever be looking to the past, spiraling into the depths of insanity and despair?

Whew that was long. It may have seemed like it but really I didn’t give anything away!

Genres: Fantasy (with many sub genres), horror, drama, romance (it’s not a central focus, but there may be some relationships here and there), action/adventure, history, psychological, sci-fi (just a bit, because I feel good fantasy has a touch of sci-fi), angst

And remember: no matter how hopeless this story gets, it’s NOT a tragedy for a reason! In tragedies, there is a tragic hero. A tragic hero always goes through hell and makes all kinds of stupid mistakes and then dies. But there are no heroes in these sorts of books, so this is not a tragedy for a reason! Have faith, dear readers! I always feel like I should put this, since some readers tend to give up hope sometimes.



WARNING: no warnings for this chapter :3

Enjoy, lovelies!

Midway upon the journey of our life

I found myself within a forest dark,

For the straightforward pathway had been lost.

Ah me! How hard a thing it is to say

What was this forest savage, rough, and stern.

Which in the very thought renews the fear.

So bitter it is, death is little more;

But of the good to treat, which there I found,

Speak will I of the other things I saw there.

I cannot well repeat how there I entered,

So full was I of slumber at the moment

In which I had abandoned the true way. [1]

In The Year Of Our Lord Thirteen Hundred Thirty

The ever growing population of Glasgow went about their business in the evening twilight. Women cooked meager dinners in their cozy homes, waiting for their men to come back from the barn or shed, or perhaps from hunting.

If they were lucky, the men had a job to do in the town. A real job.

A pretty, young woman poked her head outside her front door. “Glendon! Rossalyn! Come in please and help me finish dinner!”

"Mother!" The little boy in her front yard whined. "Duff and I were just about to—"

"Right now, mister! Or you won’t get any dinner!"

With a reluctant sight the boy follow his mother into the house.

"Aila, wait!"

The young woman turned around at the sound of her name. “Yes?”

A wrinkled old hag stood outside Aila’s home, her back bent permanently from years of farm work. She was the town gossip. If a woman wanted to know something about someone, she would inevitably find out from this haggard old woman.

"From now on, don’t let your children outside without careful supervision. Especially not after dark."

"What?" Aila cocked her head to the side. "Well of course I wouldn’t allow them to stay out after dark, but… Why the extra supervision?"

"There is a murderer on the loose." The old woman whispered.

"A murderer?" Aila repeated, more than a bit shocked.

"Shh, not so loud! Now listen here. Methinks it might be a creature of the night."

It took a moment before understanding registered on Aila’s face. “Oh, don’t be silly. Aren’t those just stories?”

"Whether it’s that, or an Englishman, I tell you the truth!"

"Have you told others about this?"

"Aye, I’ve told a few. Going to be telling more before I turn in for the night. Now you just get back about your business, dear, I’m sure we’ll be fine as long as we don’t go outside."

Aila nodded uncertainly. “Good night, then,”

"Good night, dear."

"Ah – wait!" Aila called hesitantly.

"Yes, dear?"

"Have you… Have you heard any other rumors?"

"Like what? There’s always gossip to be had, you know." The old woman grinned slyly.

"No, I mean, terrible rumors… Grim rumors."

The smile completely left the old woman’s face and her mouth formed an ‘o’ shape. “Dear, there will always be wars, and rumors of war. The Bible says so.”

"So it sounds like there will be another?" Aila wrung her hands fretfully.

"I don’t know, but I do know I’m not letting any blasted Englishman have any say in my life, that’s the truth!”

Aila smiled. “Yes.” She agreed. “Thank you for telling me what you know.”

"Any time, a pleasure! You know, I think they’re getting started on completing the west end of that cathedral building they’re making in town."

"Is that what it looks like?"

"Well, have a look for yourself next time you’re there! Now get inside and get warmed, a storm’s blowing up!"

"Oh, my! You’re right – oh!" Aila cried. "My dinner! I nearly forgot, I called the children in to help me finish! Good night!" She waved to the chuckling old woman as she hurried inside.

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